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Paint The Town Red
  • Developer: South East Games
  • Genre: Massive Multiplayer, Adventure
  • Version: 0.14.7
User Rating: Rating 4.71

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Release Date
Oct 13, 2015
South East Games
South East Games
Massive Multiplayer, Adventure
Windows PC, Linux, macOS


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Free Paint The Town Red Game

Remi Little

Paint The Town Red is a simulation/strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive and released on February 18, 2018. Is set in the Victorian era in a city where everything is in black and white. Players can Paint The Town Red free download and make it beautiful. It can be played solo or with friends. This game is for everyone who loves to paint and is much simpler than other paint games. Is perfect for kids, but it can also be fun for adults who want to play with their kids.

Is a install Paint The Town Red that was originally released in 1997 for the Sony PlayStation. Has since been released on several other consoles and is currently available on PC. Is a side scrolling platform simulation with an old school feel to it. Is a play Paint The Town Red free strategy and resource management video game. The goal of the game is to survive a zombie apocalypse by building a settlement, recruiting troops, and making weapons. The game was developed and published by the independent studio, Auroch Digital. The game was released on Steam on November 3, 2018.


The graphics are in black and white which makes the game look like a painting. Has a game board with different spots where players can place different coloured paint. The game is played with two different decks of cards: paint and action cards. Graphics are simple and easy to read, which is perfect for a paint game meant for kids. The artwork is simple but still attractive. Is very colorful and could be used as a calming strategy in a stressful time. The graphics in Paint The Town Red download are quite simple. Backgrounds are simple and lack detail. The instead focuses on foreground objects, which are well-drawn and detailed. Is a 2D game Paint The Town Red free play which has graphics that are reminiscent of old school pixelated games. The colors are monochromatic and the visuals are simple. The graphics are not eye-catching, but they are not unappealing either. Is not graphically demanding and it can be played on low-end computers.


The players draw cards from the action deck and perform actions, which are usually to place a paint card on a spot on the board. A player can also buy a card from the paint deck and place it on the board. Gameplay is very simple and could be played with just one hand. Painting is done by sliding your finger across the screen, and the paint can be changed by touching the colors. Ias great for kids who are just learning colors.

Gameplay in Paint The Town Red Mac is very simple. Players take control of Muddy the Mudokan and must make it through a series of levels while avoiding obstacles and enemies. The gameplay is the most important aspect of download Paint The Town Red. The player must build a settlement, recruit troops, and make weapons in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. The player can choose between playing in a solo mode or co-op with up to 3 friends. The player can recruit survivors to the settlement to defend it and people to work in the settlement. Resources are scarce, so the player must manage them carefully. The player can make weapons and defenses such as walls, weapons, and ammo. The player can also make food, water, and medicine.


There is both a single player mode and a multiplayer mode. In the multiplayer mode, two players play at the same time. In single player, the computer is the other player. Paint The Town Red download free is a multiplayer game, so you can play with friends. Multiplayer can be played with up to four people and can be done on one device or on four separate devices. Multiplayer is a blast and is very entertaining, especially when you are playing with friends. Has three different Paint The Town Red apk: co-op, deathmatch, and skirmish. Co-op is the most popular mode because it is the most rewarding. Deathmatch is for player who want to kill other players. Skirmish is for players who want to try the game before committing to it. All modes can be played with up to three players.


The replayability of the game is high because it is always a different. There are more than 100 cards and there are a lot of cards that do different actions. Paint The Town Red is a game that is very replayable. Has a lot of levels and is just as fun when you play it over and over. It is that is perfect for kids and can be played with friends. Has a lot of replayability because of the variety of modes and difficulty levels. The player can also try different strategies to see what is most rewarding.


  • Why can't I find the keys to the car?
    The keys to the car are in the garage, on the top shelf next to the gas can.
  • How do I get into the garage?
    The garage can be accessed by going around to the back of the house and entering the door next to the SUV.
  • Who is the killer?
    The killer is the person who is having the most points.
  • What is the goal of free Paint The Town Red?
    The goal of the game is to get the town back to normal.
  • Who is the main character in Paint The Town Red unblocked?
    The main character is a cat.


Paint The Town Red is a puzzle game. The requires the player to paint all the tiles in order to progress to the next level. Has a lot of levels and the gameplay is easy. The only downside is the in-game ad.


  • Has graphics that are of a good quality;
  • The gameplay is easy;
  • Has a lot of levels.


  • Has an in-game ad;
  • Is not very challenging.

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